Bee venom


Studies and clinical trials of bee venom SkinThe beneficial effects of honeybee-venom serum on facial wrinkles in humansCell regeneration and wound treatment. (Effects of honeybee (Apis mellifera) venom on keratinocyte migration in vitro)Biological effects of treatment of an animal skin wound with honeybee (Apis mellifera. L) venomBee venom ameliorates compound 48/80-induced atopic dermatitis-related symptomsEffects of cosmetics containing […]

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How to collect

HOW TO COLLECT Looking for an easy and safe way to collect bee venom? Our SMART-BEE bee venom collection sets make the process easier than ever before. These sets can be powered in three different ways: via USB, solar, or built-in battery. This means you can choose the power source that works best for your

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